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fredag 7 augusti 2015

My best friends wedding...

So my best friend Mia (the girl with pink hair in those photos), got married, in London, this summer. And because it was my dearest, first friend from my childhood. I just had to be there! Splendid occasion to be in the capital of England. I had to give a speech at the wedding reception. And here it is:

"For those of you who does not know me, I am Helen, 35 years old, just like Mia, and I am Mias friend. We grew up together, in the same neighbourhood. We were born the same exact day, 25th of april, and thus, our parents were at the hospital together. Me and Mia also went to kindergarten together and we were friends ever since.

Mia obviously came from a very musical family, and I could hear her play the violin, practicing every day when we grew up. It sounded REALLY bad, at first. Like strangling a cat. *screeetch* ...

Mia was the kind of girl I wanted to be, she was always funny and creative, and could draw so well  ...that one day she grew up to become a designer.

This girl was fearless, never afraid to take her own path in life. Back in '96, sweet sixteen! Her hair was one half black and one half white, with zebra striped black and white pants, shoes one black and one white, and even the shoelaces where one black and the other white.


She was so fearless, she was not afraid to go for her dreams, to become a designer and moving here to London, all by herself to attend the Wimbledon school of arts. She lived in all kinds of places, rented a house with her friends from school. Or in that industrial space/factory which they built into some kind of home. Mia and some of her friends. But still that didn't scare Mia, she went her own path, doing her own thing.


I got introduced to Jacqui a couple of years ago, but from the very first moment I noticed how similar they both are, in spirit, in their energy, and in their heart. They have the same "vibe" and I truly feel that this is the perfect match.

In gardening they have a term for "microclimate" where just that one spot in the garden may have the perfect climate and a flower can bloom there even though it might not like the climate in general. Under the right circumstances that special flower can flourish. I have a feeling that even though you two, came from two different parts of the world might have been so different from eachother. But instead you had that same sort of "micro-culture"  that nurtered the both of you. That your families taught you the same things, that you both would flower into the same gentle spirits, with humor, good heart, and kindness.

I was so happy to see my best friend Mia, finding this, true love and happiness, she was always the one to take her own path, and make her own destiny. And here, in London, she found that special someone, to walk the path of life with.

From that moment I felt that Mia was no longer alone, you two, always completed one another and I felt you shared so much happiness with each other. I see that you do not hold each other back, but allow each other to grow, to live your dreams, which you both share.

and I feel you have a bright fantastic future together. Because you always makes the most, out of everything. I wanted to say something about love, and found this inspiring, its from the Corinthian letter:

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres." (1 Cor. 13:4–7, NIV)

I felt as you truly have that kind of love for each other. Also, usually you are supposed to give advice to the happy couple, and thus, I also wanted to read to you this poem..

Live every day with your love as a guide; 
always give more than your groom or your bride;
Find in each other the funniest things, 
and share with each other when your heart sings.
And no truer words have ever been penned, 
than the crux of your love is just being best friends.
From this day on you are never alone; 
wherever you are, it is your spouse that’s your home.
And when time has passed and the two of you age, 
and your lives are about to turn the last page,
You’ll see not the wrinkles, nor the old, nor the grey 
– instead you’ll see yourselves as you are on this day.

Thank you, SO MUCH for letting us share this special moment for the both of you, that markes the change that came so subtle from the beginning, until you had woven your life together.
With eachother, Otto-li and Darwin.

so, A toast for the happy couple. May you have A lifetime of love and joy, surrounded by family and friends who love you, for all of your wishes to come true and a life of ease and abundance.

Lots of Love, and memories to last, a lifetime! <3

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  1. Det var ett sa otroligt fint tal!! Jag ar sa himla glad att ha dig som van, for alltid. Stor kram, /Maria

    1. Turen att vi båda föddes under en lycklig stjärna! Låt oss hoppas på minst 65 år till innan det är dags för vindsurfningen! ^^ *kram*